Propane Conversion

Isn’t it time you saved money on gas?

And, help the environment while you’re at it!
JP’s Garage, 1105 Champlain St., Dieppe, NB is the first authorized propane conversion centre for vehicles in the Maritime Provinces. We are proud to be on the cutting age of change and beneficial technology. Our clients include customers with small to large numbers of vehicles that average 25,000 kilometres or more per year. We work with construction firms, electrical companies, fleets, taxis, school buses and ambulances among many others.
Let JP’s Garage in Dieppe, NB convert your fleet to propane so you can save money, help the environment, and extend your fuel range. For more information, check out our video and call us today at 506-860-6018.

Save Money

We can cut your fuel costs by half and your conversion will pay for itself in one year.

Help the Environment

Propane has 30% less carbon dioxide emissions and virtually no build-up on vehicle parts.


Financing is available for commercial vehicle conversions, with no money down!

Dual Options

You can have both gas and propane for fuel in the same vehicle with no loss of torque. Simply push a button to change from one to the other and double your range before having to re-fuel.

Easy to Use

You can fill-up with propane fuel at our state-of-the-art self-serve fuel station in Dieppe. Within a short time, several other fuel stations will be found throughout the Maritimes. Already they are plentiful in Quebec, Ontario and the Prairies.

Highest Safety Standards

Propane fuel tanks, which come with a built-in shut off system to prevent leakage in case of an accident, are safer than standard gas tanks in vehicles.
Propane switch and fuel level gauge
Example placement of propane tank on pickup truck
"This vehicle is converted to run on gas and propane"

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The OMISTA Green Choice Vehicle Loan rewards you for choosing a mode of transportation that’s better for our environment. Learn More…

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